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Why Ninva Medical?

Ninva Medical Family Medicine office has been open since the beginning of 2022 and will be celebrating its grand opening in the next month. Dr. Dany Mamou, MD ventured into opening his own family practice in Niles, IL, which involved extensive months of hard work. Dr. Mamou did not want to be dictated by the rules of a big medical corporate facility on how to treat his patients, he wanted to provide the best medical services to his patients without compromise on quality over quantity.  As result, he started Ninva Medical a family healthcare medical clinic in Niles, IL.  Ninva Medical is conveniently located in the city of Niles, on the border of Glenview, Des Plaines, Morton Grove and Park ridge IL.


Dr. Dany Mamou searched for months for the best location to open Ninva Med. He finally decided on the Niles location, in the Chicago Suburbs, making it conveniently located for his patients. Also, there are many other diverse businesses nearby making it a pleasant and convenient overall experience.


The nearby businesses offer his patients convenience for shopping and running errands. Those include:


Dr. Dany Mamou is a Paul E Tietze Memorial Award winner for his undying and unmitigated commitment to his patients. Dr Mamou has his MD and Board certification in family medicine, and he has been practicing since 2012. His brand-new Niles location is placed within the vicinity of the hospitals he is affiliated with–Northwest Community Hospital, Advocate Lutheran General Hospital and Advocate Sherman Hospital. Ninva Medical Group is your new next-door care provider, and scheduling an appointment only takes a few steps.

                Ninva Med Hours:            8am-5pm Monday through Friday,

                 Located at:                       8780 W Golf Rd, Suite 308, in Niles, IL

                  Schedule your appointment with Ninva Med today!

Call (847) 813-6579 or book an online appointment through


Covid and Cook County IL New Mandate

Covid protocol for Ninva Med follows the Cook County directed mandate for the Niles, Glenview, and Des Plaines area. The Cook County Department of Public Health has rescinded their Mitigation order for 2022, so masks and proof of vaccination are no longer required for public spaces.


However, healthcare facilities including hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities are required to continue masking to stay in accordance with the CDC guidelines as well as the Illinois Department of Public Health.


Dr. Mamou and Ninva Med recommends all his patients continue to protect themselves and others by wearing face coverings (such as surgical/cloth masks or N95s) even though the mask mandate has been lifted in public facilities.


According to the IDPH, in March of 2022 the COVID positivity rate in the average 7-day week is 1.3%. These numbers are very promising, yet vaccines are still promoted heavily by Ninva med and Dr. Dany Mamou in order to protect the health of the public.


Dr. Mamou heavily recommends getting the COVID vaccine, and there are a few facilities nearby that have simple and easy COVID vaccine appointments. If you need to schedule a COVID vaccination appointment, please call or go to the CVS located at 9640 N Milwaukee Ave Niles, IL or the Walgreens pharmacy located at 9000 N Greenwood Ave Des Plaines, IL. These are the two closest COVID vaccination sites to Ninva Med.


When coming in for your appointment at Ninva Med, please make sure you have an appropriate face covering.


 If you are exhibiting signs and symptoms of COVID, please reschedule your appointment until after your symptoms have subsided, or you have completed the 5-day isolation period with a negative covid test.


If you need to get tested for COVID, Ninva Med can schedule a COVID PCR or rapid test for you. To schedule a PCR or rapid test, please contact Dr. Mamou’s staff at Ninva Med by booking the appointment online through or

by calling the Ninva Medical staff at +1 (847) 813-6579​..

Today Healthcare Institutions

“Health care near me” is the most searched term currently in google, and when people search this it is to find a doctor near them that can provide some kind of health service only when they really need it.  The top results are always big medical institutions that provide services that only work best for the corporation, and not what is good for the patients.

Families today do not have this personal one-to-one relationship with their doctor anymore.  Most doctors now work under big medical corporations that dictate how they should treat their patients.  This is why patients are subjected to unnecessary things like extra, unnecessary blood tests, x-rays, and are given prescription medications that may or may not help them, all because these medical corporations and pharmaceutical companies work together to increase profitability and keep their investors happy.


Doctors Prescribe More of a Drug If They Receive Money from a Pharma Company Tied to It

Pharmaceutical companies have paid doctors billions of dollars for consulting, promotional talks, meals and more. A new ProPublica analysis finds doctors who received payments linked to specific drugs prescribed more of those drugs.

by Hannah Fresques


How Industry Money Reaches Physicians

Doctors who receive money from drugmakers related to a specific drug prescribe that drug more heavily than doctors without such financial ties, a new ProPublica analysis found. The pattern is consistent for almost all of the most widely prescribed brand-name drugs in Medicare, including drugs that treat diabetes, asthma and more.  Read More

This article came from


Whether the physician you are seeing is a new doctor, or more established doctor, medical professionals are expected to care more for their patients’ health than how fast they can get rich. Physicians these days are finding it very hard to open their own practice because of this, and are not able to provide a decent living to their families.

Dr. Mamou is one of the unique doctors who took a chance on opening his own practice and challenged the big medical institutions so he can provide a better medical service to his patients, all while establishing a long and personal relationship with his patients and their families.

Opening a private medical office is very difficult and many do not succeed because the healthcare system always favors bigger corporate institutions than the smaller, family-owned practices that care more for the person than the dollar.

Dr Mamou has invested time and money in his medical clinic in Niles, IL so he can achieve special relationships with his patients and provide the best medical service that every person deserves. He puts his family and himself through hardship so that he can bring this deep, special relationship between the doctor and his patient, which has been lost over the years with big medical institutions.

Ninva Med - Family Medicine and doctor Mamou are waiting for you! Visit him in his new private medical office at 8780 W Golf Rd Suite 303 Niles, Illinois 60714, so you can experience and see the difference when a doctor works for your personal health, rather than for the medical institution's interest.

Dr. Mamou is heavily invested in bringing you the best medical experience, with a personal touch. Now, a visit to your doctor will be an extremely pleasant experience, and you will know that you and your family will be in good caring hands.

Come and visit Dr. Mamou soon so you can see the difference.

Make an appointment today. or

by calling the Ninva Medical staff at +1 (847) 813-6579.


5 Things Patients Look for in a New Healthcare Practice:

Dr. Mamou knows what things patient look for is important to long-term success. Patients know they have options when it comes to choosing a doctor. And, while they want doctors who are knowledgeable, the most important things patients look for are qualities that shape their experience at the office.

1. Convenience

Ninva Medica and Dr. Mamou know that Online booking and appointment reminders via text message are things that patients look for when searching for a convenient healthcare practice. Being able to schedule an appointment online allows patients to book a visit wherever they are, even if it’s outside of the office’s business hours.  So Dr Mamou invested in a full medical online application to bring that special convenience to his patient. 

Ninva Medical invested in  a medical application that patient can use to do online scheduling, reach the doctor off hours and see their test result and pay their copay all under their finger.


2. Connection

The best patient-provider relationships are formed when there is a personal connection rather than just a transactional experience. That’s why connection is one of the things patients look for when searching for a new doctor’s office. Dr. Mamou has a put together a simple practice that show his interest is his patients wellbeing and not their check book.  Patients look for practices who address their individual needs with empathy and respect. This starts with ensuring the front office displays compassion at check-in and it remains important throughout the entire visit the friendly clinical staff. 


Dr. Mamou Office in Niles reflects the connection that patients seek out.

3. Communication

Good communication is important to helping patients feel respected and valued. Patients want a doctor who is good at listening to their health issues and responds with follow-up questions without making them feel rushed. Illness and injury can be frightening, so patients want to know they can trust the doctor to talk through all of their options in language that makes sense to them.  They need the doctor to explain everything in a way that they can understand.

Dr. Mamou knows communication goes beyond the office visit, too. From appointment reminders to post-visit follow-up, Dr. Mamou and his staff know that patients appreciate when they stay in touch with them throughout their day-to-day activities.  Dr. Mamou always follows up with a patient after their visit by texting  or calling them after they leave the office.   This ensures that Dr. Mamou and his patient have a  unique, personalized experience.  In turn, this motivate his patients to take active roles in their care.

4. Access

When it comes to things patients look for in a new healthcare practice, access is important. After all, most people wait to look for care until they’re sick and need a solution immediately. If they have to wait two weeks to get seen in the office, chances are they’ll go elsewhere. Likewise, long wait times as a result of inefficient scheduling practices can frustrate patients. Often, patients are taking time off of school or work to come in for a doctor visit during regular business hours and the last thing they want is a delayed appointment. 

Dr. Mamou strives to ensure that his patient appointments have a short waiting time and to make sure each person has access to  immediate care when they need it. This why he looked hard to find the most convenient place for his facility, so that patient can have easy access to healthcare.  He also made sure that he lives near the office, so he is easily accessible to his patients.

5. Collaboration

Finally, when patients are searching for a new healthcare practice, they are looking for an office that works with them as partners in their care. They’re the ones who know how they’re feeling and where they’re feeling symptoms. While patients want and value their doctor’s recommendation, they want to feel like they have a say in choosing which option is best for them.

Engaged patients want to understand why they need to do certain things in order to improve their health.


They want to work with you, but ultimately, they want to be empowered to take control of their own outcomes based on what’s important to them.

Dr. Mamou always engages with his patients in order to better understand their health need and how to improve their current conditions. He ensures that his care limits the need for unnecessary prescriptions, and strives toward creating better quality of life for his patients.  Dr. Mamou constantly pushes his patient to have a better, healthier lives and and make better choices in their daily health.


Visit Dr. Mamou at his office in Niles to see how the five things patient look for are implemented.

Our office is located at 8780 W Golf Rd Suite 303 Niles, Illinois 60714 Hours: 9 AM - 5 PM Monday to Friday.  Call us at +1 (847) 813-6579

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